No need for Cuomo trips

What do New Yorkers gain by Gov. Andrew Cuomo making ceremonial trips to areas ravaged by hurricanes? That’s the question people should be asking when they see the governor standing in front of the cameras in Puerto Rico on Friday and the U.S. Virgin Islands last Friday. The answer is nothing. The second question they should be asking is what does the governor gain? That’s easy. He gains a photo opportunity of him being compassionate at a natural disaster that he can include in campaign literature for a potential presidential run in a few years. It looks more presidential when you go to someplace outside the continental U.S. Notice he didn’t travel to Houston or Florida, where there are also many transplanted New Yorkers and family members for him to be concerned about. It’s true, the trips only cost the taxpayers the services of a couple of days of the governor’s time. But we would hope he’d instead be devoting that time to solving the state’s many problems and listening to the concerns of New Yorkers here in New York. He could have sent state assistance to the islands without taking the time to show up in person. The cost of his trips were paid for by others, including one businessman who, coincidentally, benefitted from a recent piece of legislation signed by the governor. That raises other questions about his trips. New York needs a full-time governor. If Mr. Cuomo wants to play international savior, he should wait until he has a job with international responsibilities.