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Need a more helpful health care system
 We need to keep health care affordable to the most vulnerable. During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump pledged that he wouldn’t make cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid if elected president. However, he is now proposing a budget cut that would eliminate Medicaid eligibility for more than 10 million Americans.
 The Affordable Care Act (ACA) expanded Medicaid to allow more people to enroll. The New York State Department of Health estimates that the proposed cuts could cause millions of New Yorkers to lose their health care and cost the state over $4 billion over the next four years.
 New York has been a leader in ensuring that we all have access to health care. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has recently announced an extension of the open enrollment period that’s six weeks longer than the federal government’s. The Alliance for Positive Health supports this effort to ensure access to affordable health insurance coverage.
 The Alliance for Positive Health opposes the current proposals to discard or replace the ACA. Many of the people we serve rely on Medicaid to obtain vital services including medical care, care management, transportation, mental health and substance abuse treatment.
 Although New York is a leader in assuring health coverage, without federal help, it puts increased burden on state budgets. Our federal government has a duty to protect our citizens with the most basic health care. The Trump administration and Congress must stop the financial bleed of the ACA and create a health care system that helps all Americans.
 BILL FARAGON Albany The writer is executive director of Alliance for Positive Health.
Marina project not right for its location
 I’m a concerned resident of Alplaus and strongly opposed to the proposed development at the Marina by Prime Properties. My wife grew up here and in 2012, we moved back to Alplaus to raise our family. I also moved my company into the lone office in town. Living and working in Alplaus has been a blessing and the best time of my life.
 The marina development proposal is a definitive attack and a cloud hanging my family’s dreams of the future. I keep asking myself, “Does it fit?” There are numerous reasons why this development will have negative impacts on the community.
 We will continue the fight on each and every one of them (traffic, schools, fire, sewer, environmental, character of the town, crime and police coverage, and on and on).
 With all that said, ask yourself this: Does it make sense to build a giant apartment complex, in a congested traffic area, in a flood plain, on top of a toxic waste site, next to protected wetlands, next to busy train tracks, in an area that’s currently zoned conservation?
 Does it make sense? Surely there are other places where this heinous proposal would make sense. But not in Alplaus.
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